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3 September 2015

This picture is horrible and makes me sick.
With two kids about his age at home even more.

I hate seeing this picture on the front cover of every newspaper.

People who care did not need this picture to care.
People who don’t care will just keep not caring.

Some PM says on Twitter “This is horrible, we need to do something” (guess what: that’s your job!) as a way to say “I will not”. The EU I-didnt-vote-for-you-commission (or whoever) scheduled an emergency meeting next June. Newspaper didn’t give a shit before and preferred to argue about whether to call ordinary people #migrant or #refugee and call on their duty to inform/make things move to justify their editorial choice.

I can read every day (mostly not on newspapers) about killings, about rapes, about women in labour (women… in… labour…) on those freeky boats, about many horrors.
I am sure that when you have a heart, you don’t need this kind of pictures. When you don’t, it won’t grow overnight because of it.

This is just morbid and indecent.
Please let the kid, the families, the people rest in peace.