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The monthly digest #01

22 April 2018

Pedagogy in Computer Science (mainly Python)

  • Python Buffer protocol: the PEP 3118 and a human-oriented explanation;

  • Python and Qt examples, with Solitaire, Paint and Minesweeper in few lines of Python!

  • I enjoyed the talk Building Interactive Applications and Dashboards in the Jupyter Notebook by Bloomberg, esp. the presentation of their bqplot tool. It is a shame that the notebook used in the presentation has not been released to the public. Yet it may have triggered a change of my mind about interactive visualisation in my daily routine, maybe…
    Keep in mind to have a look at traitlets and pythreejs;

  • A great set of zines by Julia Evans, explaining the all you need to know about Unix;
    (and even more)

  • As I made the switch to Jupyter Lab and got a list of installed kernels long forgotten on the homepage, I did some quick update of my references.

    • R and Julia kernels look very mature now;
    • The latest OCaml kernel is now much better than the previous state-of-the-art proof of concept. The repository comes with a set of notebooks for Datascience in OCaml;
    • Didn’t try Go, Haskell, didn’t find anything decent for Scala or Rust.
      Note to myself: learn those languages first!
  • The standard unix password manager with browser extensions, smartphone applications and git repository integration. Since you will need a GPG key, check also keybase.io.


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