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The monthly digest #06

18 December 2018

Around Computer Science

Software-defined radio and aviation

  • AIS is a standard similar to ADS-B for boats. Here is a decoder and a link to help making it work. Hard to test when you don’t live on the coast

  • UAT is a standard used for aircraft below 18000 ft MSL in the some areas around the world as an equivalent of ADS-B. dump978 is a decoder for such signals, similar to dump1090 for the usual Mode S, dump868 for FLARM or dumpvdl2 for VDL2/ACARS

  • A 180-degree view of mountains around your position, helpful if you want to place your radio receiver

  • A nice explanation of procedure of arrivals to London Heathrow

  • List of squawk codes


  • Juke-Box, un bon podcast musical qui associe à un événement historique un récit et des musiques inspirées par le sujet

  • Hing, the secret weapon spice for Indian Cuisine, and a nice-looking Ayurveda cookbook

  • A peculiarity in Danish pronunciation: stød