Advanced and scientific Python


Materials to brush up your Python skills

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Advanced and scientific Python


This page lists a number of materials available for Python classes and seminars. Depending on the overall programme of the course, you may be asked to look at some of those pages in a different order.

Regardless the course you subscribed, the objective is always:

A first experience in programming is preferable. This course does not focus on basics of programming (conditions, loops, functions). Basic structures are just a quick reminder.



  Set up your environment
🏠 Set up a basic running environment
  Set up an environment following a requirement file
(optional) Understand the difference between pip and conda
  Basic Python
  Basic data structures
  Basic programming
  Basic algorithms (expected)
  Advanced data structures
  Scientific Python
  Numpy exercices
  Matplotlib exercices
  Pandas exercices
(optional) Grammar of graphics
  Objects, interfaces, protocols
  List comprehensions
  Iteration with pandas
  Object-oriented programming
  The iteration protocol in classes
  Advanced topics
  Modules and packages (expected)
(optional) Asynchronous programming
  Speed up your code (expected)
  Building on a C API (expected)
  Applied problems
  Compute the radius of Earth
  Exploring map projections
  Solving puzzles
  Trajectography of the ISS
  Satellite visualization
  Data visualization of collected ADS-B signals


Participants to classes are all considered adults. Enough material is provided to get proficient quickly and ask questions when needed. Obviously, the more assiduous you are, the better, and learning practices best suiting you are in your hands. In particular, it is perfectly acceptable:


Programmation Python avancée

Some of the materials offered here is directly taken from the book
Programmation Python avancée.

The book (in French) is neither required nor really necessary for the seminar; it however brings a lot of advanced complementary materials for the curious reader.